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・ヮ・ dana!!
14 March 2031 @ 09:31 pm

・ヮ・ dana!!
15 August 2011 @ 08:02 am
many, many months later, and I still haven't posted to this journal even once! whoops.

maybe I should fix that...er...

uhhh so I'm knee-deep into Tiger and Bunny right now! it's an awesome show, you should all watch it. combined with summer-inspired laziness and a lot of other things this temporarily killed my RP motivation, which means it wasn't killed as much as it was put into a coma, or otherwise made unusable or unavailable for a temporary time.

episode 20 was horrible by the way. not in quality, but so upsetting oh my god it made me too sad I can't get over this I still can't see through all my FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and my heartache ;A; poor, poor Kotetsu. I still want to give him a hug askjnasjn SUNRISE YOU'RE TOO CRUEL. you keep making bad things happen to him so you better make up for this later by making everything turn out alright in the end and make him feel happy again and for a reset button to fix everyone's memories and return them to the way they were... oh and for him and Barnaby to get their happy ending and then have a touching, heartwarming, tearful bromantic reunion ;u;

and then they'll get married again, and on-screen this time because clearly that is what happened during the timeskip yes and then Karina will join them and they'll enter a moe triangular OT3 marriage together. no it won't happen but I can dream.